film & television

Zhāo Lewis Liú earned his MFA in the Film and Video Production program at The University of Iowa. Prior to coming to the United States, Lewis graduated with his BA in Broadcast Journalism at the Communication University of China. With credits in narrative, documentary, and experimental animation, Lewis identifies himself as an avant-pop filmmaker. He is the founder and executive director of the Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival, and he also served as a program manager at the Asia Society Southern California, and helped organize the 7th annual U.S. China Film Summit. Lewis is currently based in Los Angeles; he recently consulted on a feature film starring Jackie Chan and served as an assistant director of Farewell Las Vegas, a TV series starring Nicky Wu and Ziwen Wang.

writing & translation

Lewis joined the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games for TV broadcasting at the Beijing Shooting Venue as an interpreter and liaison officer. He then worked for China Central Television (CCTV) as a journalist and editor before he went to Iowa City in 2009, where he worked as an interpreter for the prestigious Internatinal Writing Program. Lewis is a bilingual English/Chinese screenwriter and translator; he writes and translates screenplays and teleplays for clients in both United States & China.

Dancing & ACTing

Lewis started hip-hop dancing in 2005, and he used to be a crew member of CUC Dance Endless and OASIS DC. He also played the lead character LIU Junjie in feature film Caihong City.

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